Class 33 Wednesday 8 Marcheshvan 5777/ November 9 2016. אביי

אביי Class Two. Sicha of the Rebbe that explains that what we say (including the non-Halachic detail) reflects our “orphaned” time in Galus. Like Abayey himself. Menorah is Torah and there are two levels (the five books and (above that) the seven books). Ketores during Galus is Mesiras Nefesh above and beyond even the seven…

Class 34 Wednesday 15 Marcheshvan 5777/ November 16 2016. אביי

אביי Class Three. PDF The first few lines of the text. Abayey and Chava both have to do with creation. Order is a good thing. Abba Shaul= חכמה ובינה. The fires are the inner and outer heart and they need to be sweetened. Three fires and then the two logs of wood.

Class 35 Wednesday 22 Marcheshvan 5777/ November 23 2016. אביי

אביי Class Four. Inside continued. The three fires are the heart of the Nefesh Haelokis! But they are fires that correspond to three Gevuros and they need sweetening. The logs of wood sweetens all the fires. Joining עץ הדעת ועץ החיים. Cleaning the inner Mizbeach from ash, is the need to clean the left overs…

Class 36 Wednesday 29 Marcheshvan 5777/ November 30 2016. אביי

אביי Class Five. Reading inside continued. דישון מזבח הפנימי= אהבה בכל לבבך הטבת שתי נרות= אהבה בכל נפשך קטרת= אהבה בכל מאדך The higher one’s Avoda the deeper and the more perfect the Birur of the Klipa and the Animal Soul must be. [אברים= תענוג מאלקות [אהבה בתענוגים