Samach Bais (16) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 16

Page 247-8. פסוקי דזמרא is like looking at the king: הסתכלות where you have the essence but it is not internal and transforming though it is very impactful. ברכות קריאת שמע is studying the king; not nearly as moving but much deeper, like the כחות.

Samach Bais (02) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 02

Page 241-2. Introducing the interface and difference between כחות and חושים. The כחות is long involved, and changing; while חושים have an immediate impact but isn’t so changing in and of itself. יונתי בחגוי הסלע בסתר המדריגות הראיני את מראיך השמיעיני את קולך וגו Like doves staring at one another is very deep but doesn’t…

Class 31, Perek 3, Class 1 Tanya (text based)

Introduction: The Neshama’s three levels: 1) Etzem, 2) Kochos and 3) Levushim. Chapter 2 dealt with Etzem, Chapter 4 will deal with Levushim and our Perek will deal with Kochos. The idea of נשתלשלו מהם, that בצלמינו כדמותינו in חקירה means intelligence, but in קבלה it means that all the aspects that exist in אלקות…