Kigavna. (5772/2012).

The Zoharic section added (relatively recently) to the Kabbalas Shabbos at the expense of Bame’ Madlikin. This class involves a long introduction to all of Kabbalas Shabbos. Kigavna, on Shabbos the lower worlds mirror the Unity and peace that exists (always) in the higher world. On Shabbos the lower and higher worlds A. Mirror each…

Monday 12 Kislev 5773/ November 26 2012.

The Six Psalms of Kabbalas Shabbos (Lichu Niranina through Mizmor Lidovid). The first six Perakim of Kabalas Shabbos correspond to the six days of the week (among other things) this is an overview and commentary on a part of Siddur which was first initiated in the last four hundred and fifty years.

Introduction to Kabalas Shabbos. (5772/2012).

An introduction to Kabbalas Shabbos. What is it? Who created it? and when? The evolution of a part of Davening that is not at all from the Anshei Knesses HaGedola. The oldest part of it is Mizmor Shir LiYom HaShabbos.