Toras Menachem – CHAYEY SARA 5712 (07)- Third Sicha – Class 03

Class Three. Kabalas Ol helps make an imperfect situation right. Connection to “BaKol”- daughter, Simcha with Bittul. Page 134-5.

Basi Legani 5741 באתי לגני ה’תשמ”א.

Class One. This class deals with Perek 11 of the Previous Rebbe’s Ma’amar באתי לגני. The discussion centers around the עבודה of יראה, קבלת עול and מסירת נפש of the צבאות השם. When the King faces a מלחמת נצחון his מדת הנצח is aroused and he pulls out all the stops: Engaging in the war…