Some stories about The Rebbe MaHaRash. (5768)

Stories of his life (5768). Part One.

45. Hashamayim Kisii 5738

Maamar HaShayim-Kisi-5738“Shamayim” (Heaven) is Hashem’s chair and the “Aretz” (Earth) is Hashem’s footstool.  What does this mean? Heaven is like a chair which brings Him down to the worlds.Earth is like a footstool that raises the world up to Him.Spiritually this is Torah (heaven) and Yidden (earth).However each of the two are the (collective) purpose…

Part One: Rav Akiva (Beis Rivkah Sminary)

Rav AkivaA Jew whose life was extraordinarily difficult and all our Torah is his!!!

Pesach Sheini (Talk one of Two, 5780/ 2020)

Pesach Sheini (Talk one of Two, 5780/ 2020)Only one Korban Pesach in the desert.Some were unprepared, their protest was acknowledged, and Pesach Sheini was introduced.Bris Mila and the Korban Pesach; Eliyahu Hanavi shows up to both (every Bris and Pesach Seder).Hashem is interested in usThe theme of Teshuvaנפש השנית; חדר שני; פסח שני

32. Tanya Amar Rav Yosi… Zimna Chada 5738

Tanya Amar Rav Yosi… Zimna Chada 5738(This is a little different than most Ma’amaroim on this Zohar).RaShbI caused rain through Torah on the Possuk הנה מה טוב ומה נעים שבת אחים גם יחד only after his students came to him.Why this Possuk? (Because it has all of Hishtalshelus in it.)Why his students? Because they caused…

31. Lihavin Inyan Pesach Sheni 5738 (Mugga)

Lihavin Inyan Pesach Sheni 5738This class makes Iyar higher than Nissan, and Pesach Sheini higher than Pesach Rishon.There are four ideas: 1) Iskafia, this is the “escape” from Mitzrayim in Nissan, birur Milmata LiMaala.2) Ishapcha, this is in Iyar during Sefiras HaOmer when we transform our character, Birur MilMaala Limata; This is the level of…