Lesson 02 Shaar Hayichud Vihaemuna

Introduction The Mitzva of Achdus Hashem isn’t (only) about G-D being one, but that the world isn’t separate (second) from Him. Three levels 1. Rambam- all the tools of creation are “as tools in the hand of a craftsman”; 2. Kabala- The faculties employed in creation are His lights (sfiros) that are one with Him…

Lesson 01 Shaar Hayichud Vihaemuna

Chinuch Katan: Introduction to the philosophical treatise of CHABAD is entirely about the heart! Passions of Tzadik (joy); Passions of ordinary jew (from work); When spiritually down one reverts back to basic inspiration of childhood upbringing.

Tanya Lectures (02) – Likutei Amarim – Introduction

The Possuk on which the Tanya is based :Ki karov ailecha…biFicha uvilVovecha laAsoso. How is practical Yiddishkeit considered “near”? a context.

Tanya Lectures (01) – Likutei Amarim – Introduction

Introduction. History and explanation.

Class 04 Tanya (text based)

A Rebbe writes for his flock in a way that is not subjective: based on where they are at.

Class 03 Tanya (text based)

The stages of the process of creating חב”ד חסידות. Yechidus, what it was about. The first and second etc. Forty years, thirty years twenty five years (it depends on the perspective). The חדרים. Two and later a third. The spoken Tanya from 29 Elul 5549 until 9 Kislev 5552. The written Tanya, קונטרסים. The deliberate…

Class 02 Tanya (text based)

Packaging: how to bring it to people. The early version of Chassidus חסידות הכללית involved: 1) connection to the Tzadik, 2) Miracles, 3) warmth. The Alter Rebbe was instructed (through the Maggid) by the Ba’al Shem Tov to create a פנימיות חסידות where the Rebbe teaches but the Chossid inspires himself. The Alter Rebbe accomplished…

Class 01 Introduction Tanya (text based)

Introduction Part one. The precious stone that lies at the center of the King’s crown. Godliness is within and must be brought out from within, not added from without. The two key points: 1) Achdus Hashem. 2) The centrality of the Yid, Ahavas Yisroel. Yechida. The BeShT gave it to his time and to all…

Class 01

Rabbi Paltiel introduces the fifth book of the Tanya, the Kuntres Acharon, a collection of the Alter Rebbe’s notes and some additional letters added to the Tanya by the Alter Rebbe’s children.