Letter 32 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

The one who inspires Tzedaka is greater than the giver. There are also two levels of givers: 1) one who gives when asked, 2) one who is inspired on his own. The first is considered weak while the second is considered strong and in control of his s’char.

Letter 31 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

Jewish unity is Jewish health. Disunity is an illness (or a symptom of it). Since Golus was brought on by disunity, exile is called an illness. [Repairing the Sinas Chinum will heal the nation and bring the geula]. This lack of unity and the sickness it causes affects the whole world, including Goyim.

Letter 30 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

People who stood out in their good deeds must continue to do so. Continue with the Tzedaka they’d been giving until then. A Cheshbon of many small offerings adds up to Cheshban Gadol. Infinity!

Letter 29 Class 2

Ta’anug and Ratzon are both metaphors for the Ein Sof . Ratzon carries the Ein Sof of Taanug forward. Kochos (mind and heart) are only tools that partially represent the Ein Sof but never fully. Thus only in Halacha and Mitzvos ma’asiyos is Atzmus brought forward.

Letter 29 Class 1 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

Halacha, the technical side of Judaism is the most important though not inspired.

Letter 28 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

Letter 28 talks of the Korbon (sacrifice) one’s life represents. In special Tzadikim this sacrifice is constant Mesiras Nefesh and then it is raised up to an infinite a;pe and affects the world favorably from that infinite level. This a letter of condolences sent to the Tzadik Reb Levi Yitzchok of Bartichov on the tragic…

Letter 27 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

The connection between a Tzadik and his Chassidim continues after the Histalkus for those who knew him during his life time. The Nefesh is in the Kever, the Ruach remains in the world, the Neshama also has some influence from Gan Eden.

Letter 26 Class 3 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

Torah that is clear and Torah of Darkness (Questions) and light (answers). Talmidei Chachamim and (Amei HaAretz (Erev Rav). Now the ikar is (the”Parnasa”), the Torah of Birur. Leasid it will be Yichudim. But even then the Erev Rav will continue struggling with Birur until they graduate from it.

Letter 26 Class 2 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

This class explores how Klipa was created and (through Adam and Chava’s choice) was interwoven into the creation creating an entanglement (Taaruvos). This added the purpose of birurim (disentangling) to creation to create perfect order (Hiskalelus). There’s a huge difference between the Torah of Daas Tov vaRa and actual Tov VaRa. The learning of Nigla…

Letter 26 Class 1 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

Introduction to Letter 26. Kabala is from Bina, above the possibility of being estranged. 2) Etz Chayim and Etz HaDaas. The story of Adam and Chava and the Trees and the garden.