Significance of a Rebbe – Class 2

(2) Directions for life// The Rebbe teaches us how we can and must serve Hashem.

Significance of a Rebbe

(1) The Neshama bond exists between all Yidden, but we aren’t all equal. (We are collectively like contributing parts of the body,) some are the mind, eyes, heart, etc. while others are the hair, skin, and nails. The Rebbe is the head. Through his Neshama, other Neshamos are connected to Hashem./div><

Stories about The Rebbe – Class 4

Farbrengen “The Rebbe’s Koach” (5774).

Stories about The Rebbe – Class 2

14 Kislev story (5772/2011), before, during and after.

Stories about The Rebbe – Class 3

The Yud SHVAT story (5766). The Previous Rebbe’s passing and the Rebbe’s ascent to leadership.

Stories about The Rebbe – Class 1

More stories (early years) (5767). This talk on the childhood years of the Lubavitcher Rebbe (Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson) will be enjoyed by the whole family. The stories of the Rebbe’s childhood provide insight into his character and great accomplishments but also the period in which he grew up. There may be some repetition here.

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 17

Class Seventeen. 46) Talking again and again about what we must do to bring Moshiach, one good deed etc. 47) The idea of יתבררו ויתלבנו ויצרפו רבים as an additional indicator of the imminence of the coming of Moshiach. The examples from all kinds of extreme events happening on the world, both good and bad.

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 16

Class Sixteen. 42) Purim 5747 continued. The seven Mitzvos of Noach. 43) The answer it’s the time. 44) It has has gone over from the head to all of us. 45) King Hoshea ben Aila removing the roadblocks and bringing suffering to all the Yidden. How is this different?

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 14

Class Fourteen. 38) Mishpatim 5752, the disarmament taking place in New York is from the effects of Moshiach himself. 39) To the Shluchim, what remains is for them to prepare the road for the final Shaliach- Moshiach to begin his mission. They must be מקבל פני משיח צדקינו בפועל ממש.

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 15

Class Fifteen. 40) 28 Nissan 5751 what came before it and the great shock of that Sicha. 41) Purim 5747, an earlier very elaborate version of the Sicha of 28 Nissan 5751, where the Rebbe introduced the timeliness of Moshiach and explained the campaign. The why and the how (part one).