Perek 7, Class 4 (78) Tanya (text based)

When one is involved in איסור which is עבירות their second solution is the idea of תשובה מאהבה רבה where the עבירה becomes a מצוה because the עבירה creates the Teshuva. Is תשובה מאהבה the same thing as תשובה עילעא.

Perek 7, class 5 (79) Tanya (text based)

There is an עבירה which is a primarily spiritual one (connected to הנסתרות rather than והנגלות). For this to be turned around one doesn’t need תשובה מאהבה רבה and תשובה (תתאה) .נכונה is sufficient because it is not so “down”.