Class 46, Perek 3, Class 16. Tanya (text based)

חושים (One). חושים are not discuss in Tanya at all. A system that is very superficial on the one hand and it touches the essence on the other. The problem with no work. The difference between כחות and חושים. The difference between חוש and כשרון. The letters of the Frierdike Rebbe to his daughter הרבנית…

Class 47, Perek 3, Class 17. Tanya (text based)

חושים (Two). Introduction thought for the convention. חושים help a person go from the most removed to the closest very quickly, but very fleetingly. Some חושים are quicker than others (like ראי’ה vs. שמיעה) but the quicker they are the more fleeting is the affect on the person.

Class 48, Perek 3, Class 18. Tanya (text based)

חושים (Three). A) חושים not only take in, they give out very deep things. But in and of themselves they could be very deep and have no connection to the essence of what is real which is why they are called in קבלה with the name הבלים. B) חוש המישוש according to the רמב”ם is…

Samach Bais (04) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 04

Page 242. 1) חושים don’t create יחוד and change, but they set up and inspire the birth and change that will follow. 2) תענוג is the expression of one’s infinity, but it is not useful in the reality of the limited complex lives we live. But the תענוג must (does) inspire it.

Samach Bais (02) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 02

Page 241-2. Introducing the interface and difference between כחות and חושים. The כחות is long involved, and changing; while חושים have an immediate impact but isn’t so changing in and of itself. יונתי בחגוי הסלע בסתר המדריגות הראיני את מראיך השמיעיני את קולך וגו Like doves staring at one another is very deep but doesn’t…