Tanya Lectures (52) – Likutei Amarim – Chapter 46 48 49

Chapter 46, 48-9. Love for G-d out of gratitude. He has favored us not because of our own worthiness (at all). The less deserving we are the more we should feel indebted to Him. Note: Lessons 42-6 (chapters 46-50) deal with love a gratitude, Kamayim HaPanim LiPanim. Ch. 50 addresses Love from strength.

Tanya Lectures (53) – Likutei Amarim – Chapter 46-47

Chapter 46-7. The incredibly timeless message of our exodus. Yetzias Mitzrayim lays at the heart of Jewish people’s most important prayers because the exodus is current! The upcoming holiday of Pesach is the proper time to explore chapter 47.