Tanya (text based) Chapter 13 Class 1 (105)

Tanya Chapter 13 Class 1 (105) We begin addressing the מאמרי חז”ל cited in פרק א 1) בינוני זה וזה שופטן2) This means two voices not two sources of action.3) הלכה כדברי המכריע isn’t simply a majority, it is actually some kind of resolution.4) הקב”ה עוזרו means that the פנימיות הנשמה supports the good choices.5)…

Tanya (text based) Chapter 13 Class 2 (106)

Tanya Chapter 13 Class 2 (106)(This is a shorter class).We continue analyzing the Gemarahs sighted on the first page of the Tanya.This class speaks to the idea of …כל העולם כולו אומרים לך צדיק אתה היא בעיניך כרשע there is a great difference between רשע and כרשע.כרשע means that he is vulnerable to the same…

Tanya (text based) Chapter 13 Class 4 (108)

Tanya Chapter 13 Class 4 (108)A Beinoni may be Tzadik-like during Davening but afterwards it leaves.Rabba “made the mistake that he is a Beinoni as he saw his Torah, as most people’s Tefilla, and he learned day and night so the Yetzer HaRa never got the chance to show itself (but that it was there).

Tanya (text based) Chapter 13 Class 5 (109)

Tanya Chapter 13 Class 5 (109)To the Tzadik, what the Beinoni does is false, as the Possuk indicates שפת אמת תכן לעד (if it’s true it’s forever) ועד ארגיעה לשון שקר (what is temporary is a lie.)But to the Beinoni [and the Alter Rebbe himself הריני קורא…] it is Emes1) He can reawaken the Hisorerus…

Tanya (text based) Chapter 13 Class 3 (107)

Tanya Chapter 13 Class 3 (107)Review after Quarantine, explaining the various questions that were raised in the very beginning. 1) זה וזה שופטן2) יהא בענינך כרשע3) נתרבה במשך הזמן בריבוי אכילה ושתי’ה the idea of a בעל הבית who only wants things to remain the same (no change).

Tanya Lectures (13) – Likutei Amarim – Chapter 12

Chapter 12, 13. BEINONI. Mind rules the heart has fluctuations: sometimes inspired; sometimes barely surviving. The life of the poor man, Constantly struggling, but he stays alive. Never sins , but it’s almost never easy. Except during Davening, when even the Beinoni is inspired.

Tanya Lectures (14) – Likutei Amarim – Chapter 13-14

Chapters 13, 14. Answers to questions in beginning of Tanya. “Tehi Tzadik” means to try at the work of the Tzadik (whose life is defined by inspiration) but at least be a Beinoni.