Basi Legani Perek 11 Version Two Empire Shteibel, Class Two.

Basi Legani Perek 11 Version Two Empire Shteibel, Class Two.Two types of war:מלחמה לשלול שלל ולבוז בז calculated, limited, אתכפיאמלחמת נצחון the WILL must be carried outOnly great people have this attribute of Netzach.

Basi Legani Perek 11, Supplemental class.

Basi Legani Perek 11, Supplemental class.Beis Midrash Linashim Ubanos 770.War of Nitzachon, who can fight it?Why only him?How is it fought?

Tanya (text based) Perek 11 Class 1 (96)

Tanya Chapter 11 (Class 1). This class explores Rasha.Specifically the connection between Rasha SheAino Gamur and Rasha ViTov Lo, how they are (in Nigla, two different ideas and how they are) in Chassidus one and the same. The nature of the זה לעומת זה of Rasha ViTov Lo, vs Tzadik ViRa Lo. One is in…

TANYA (text based) PEREK 11 CLASS 2 (97)

Tanya Chapter 11 (Class 2). Review.Complete Rasha, equal and opposite the perfect Tzadik.When we include Makif the idea of Ze Leumas Ze breaks down.On the Makif level we are always Jewish, and in some way can awaken.

Lesson 9 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hateshuva

Chapters 11-12. The joy of Teshuva. This doesn’t contradict one’s need to be forever vigilant about those things one has been weak about in the past. The Rebbe’s unique idea about positiveness in teshuva in our times.

Lesson 11 Shaar Hayichud Vihaemuna

NOTE: This class which is meant to summarize chapters 8-12. is being put put up with hesitation. Rabbi Paltiel based this class on several Sichos (found in “The lessons in Tanya”), but he’s a bit unsure of the accuracy of this information. Please be advised.

Tanya Lectures (12) – Likutei Amarim – Chapter 11

Chapter 11. RASHA. Incomplete Rasha has an awareness and conscience about Yiddishkeit; The perfect Rasha does not.

06 Elul Chitas Tanya – Regular Year

Iggeres HaKodesh 11 Shalom Shalom Rabbi Paltiel, Currently, I learn the daily Tanya with you and I was wondering for today, you mentioned that Li’Haskilcha Bina was probably written to a individual (bc it is a letter) but ion lessons in Tanya it mentions it was written to the community. Was just curious if Lessons…