Tanya Perek 9 Class 5 (91a) Tanya (text based)

Tanya Perek 9, Class 5. [This class has a long introduction about the RaZa whose Yahrtzeit is 11 Marcheshvan]. The Yetzer HaRa tries really hard for us to fail but his purpose is to help us become strong and NOT give in. Mashal from the Zona.

Tanya Perek 9 Class 4 (90) Tanya (text based)

Tanya Perek 9, Class 4. The Alter Rebbe goes from the Divine to the Animal Soul, and from Beinoni (אהבה כרשפי אש) to imperfect Tzadik (אהבה רבה) to perfect Tzadik (אהבה בתענוגים). Water is explained in three ways here: A. the Divine Soul by itself, B. the Animal Soul’s pleasure seeking, C. The Tzadik Gamur’s…

Tanya Perek 9 Class 2 (88) Tanya (text based)

Tanya Perek 9 Class 2 We read the bulk of the Perek, explaining the Nefesh HaElokis’ desire to rule the body alone.

Tanya Perek 9 Class 1 (87) Tanya (text based)

Tanya Perek 9 Class 1 War!!! After a detailed discussion of each of the two souls, we arrive, here in Perek 9, with their meeting and conflict, which plays itself out in our lives day by day and minute by minute. The Animal Soul is a heart-mind creature, having its stronghold and base in the…

Tanya Perek 9 Class 3 (89) Tanya (text based)

Tanya Perek 9 Class 3 We relearned more slowly what we did the week before. The unusual form of this Perek: from Mind to heart, from G-dly to animal soul, from limited to unlimited love to Ahava BiTa’anugim.

Lesson 7 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hateshuva

Chapters 8-9 discuss Teshuva Ilaa (higher Teshuva) on the mystical perspective. No wrong can affect the higher HEY directly but sins on the lower level (HEY) preclude access to this higher level. After one does the lower Teshuva the possibility for access to the inner dimension of Yiddishkeit emerges. This higher Teshuva is all positive-…

Lesson 11 Shaar Hayichud Vihaemuna

NOTE: This class which is meant to summarize chapters 8-12. is being put put up with hesitation. Rabbi Paltiel based this class on several Sichos (found in “The lessons in Tanya”), but he’s a bit unsure of the accuracy of this information. Please be advised.

Tanya Lectures (10) – Likutei Amarim – Chapter 09

Chapter 9. WAR between G-Dly and Animal Souls. Each wants total victory. Mind vs. Heart.