Perek 8, Class 5 (85) Tanya (text based)

Perek 8, Class 5 (85) 1) short mention (5 minutes) of 12-13 (and) 15 Tamuz. 2) near the end of Perek 8. Some things are not evil (severe Klipos) but they are Tuma’a and not Tahara (Klipas Noga). This is true of תאוות היתר, and דברים בטלים בהיתר, and now he adds חכמת חיצוניות. It…

Perek 8, Class 4 (84) Tanya (text based)

Perek 8, Class 4 (84) The cleansing brings the Neshama to a place altogether removed from this world.

Perek 8, Class 3 (83) Tanya (text based)

Perek 8, Class 3 (83) Explaining: 1) חיבוט הקבר (visits in the grave) 2) כף הקלע (while the Neshama is (already) free of the body but it’s still in the “space” of the physical universe 3) גיהינום. When a person is alive and healthy, the Neshama “speaks” through the body, but after death the body…

Perek 8, Class 2 (82) Tanya (text based)

Perek 8, Class 2 (82) שד משדין יהודיין versus שד משדין נוכראין. A Jew by nature has no desire to sin, even in his Yetzer HaRa. There is a טבע or limit to the Evil inclination (יצר הרע) of a Yid that comes through what is called שד משדין יהודיין. This means that it has…

Perek 8, class 1 (81) Tanya (text based)

Perek 8, class 1 (81) The extreme (ג’ קליפות טמאות ורעות לגמרי) Kelipos have no Aliya. This is especially pronounced when one eats non-Kosher that becomes one with him. Even if he thought it was Kosher and had the best intentions it cannot be elevated. Question: How to reconcile the question of some things occasionally…

Lesson 7 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hateshuva

Chapters 8-9 discuss Teshuva Ilaa (higher Teshuva) on the mystical perspective. No wrong can affect the higher HEY directly but sins on the lower level (HEY) preclude access to this higher level. After one does the lower Teshuva the possibility for access to the inner dimension of Yiddishkeit emerges. This higher Teshuva is all positive-…

Lesson 6 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hateshuva

Chapters 7-8 discuss Teshuva Tataa (lower Teshuva) with the mystical perspective. Three steps of Teshuva are 1. Feel compassion for damage done 2. the brokenheartedness of failure 3. evoking divine mercies to heal.

Lesson 11 Shaar Hayichud Vihaemuna

NOTE: This class which is meant to summarize chapters 8-12. is being put put up with hesitation. Rabbi Paltiel based this class on several Sichos (found in “The lessons in Tanya”), but he’s a bit unsure of the accuracy of this information. Please be advised.

Tanya Lectures (09) – Likutei Amarim – Chapter 08

Interplay between the two souls: Man vs. Animal; Order vs. Infinity; Yosher vs. Igul; Gadlus vs. Katnus.

Tanya Lectures (08) – Likutei Amarim – Chapter 07-08

Chapters 7,8. Klipas noga vs. severe Klipos. Where intent makes a difference and where it does not. Gehinom, Chibut hakever, Kaf Hakela.