Perek 6, Class 1 (67). Tanya (text based)

We began by reviewing the Tanya until this point: A. We discussed Tzadik, Beinoni, Rasha, in Niglah and Kabbalah. B. briefly visited the Nefesh haBahamis C. Dedicated four Perakim to the Nefesh HaElokis, what it is and what it does. Here in Perek 6, we begin a discussion of the Nefesh HaBahamis. We start by…

Perek 6, Class 2 (68). Tanya (text based)

The two souls are equal but opposite. In the last class, we contrasted the עצם of the two souls. This week we contrasted the כחות (tools) of the two souls. The כחות (tools) are needed to make the infinite soul functional in a world with more than themselves in it. The faculties allow for compromise…

Perek 6, Class 3 (69) Tanya (text based)

This class adds to the discussion last week about the נפש הבהמית having שבע מדות רעות ושכל במולידן how that removes all possibility for objectivity. The Rebbe’s Sicha on the משנה חביב אדם שנברא בצלם וכו and the role the נפש השכלית plays especially for a non-Jew and by extension to the נפש הבהמית.

Perek 6, Class 4 (70). Tanya, perek Vov

A) After discussing עצם and כחות of נפש הבהמית we now discussed B) לבושים. Introducing the idea of two Torahs: in heaven and on earth. The heavenly Torah has no neutral, if it’s not holy it’s anti-holy, and the chosen allusion to make this point is the term טומאה. Three ideas חיוב ,איסור ,רשות, how…

Perek 6, Class 5 (71). Tanya (text based)

The Tanya teaches תורה בשמים where there is no neutral, if it’s not קדושה (which means ביטול) it is the סטרא אחרא (which lacks ביטול). Yidden are called ביטול בכח. What does that mean?

Perek 6, Class 6 (72). Tanya (text based)

Klipa exists in every world, from the lowest to the highest. On higher levels it is as fine as simply being aware of itself ראומה or מורגש. On lower levels it can have no awareness of anything but self and be against Hashem. In general there are two levels: קליפת נוגה and קליפות טמאות ורעות…

Perek 6, Class 7 (73). Tanya (text based)

Klipa (continued). From fine to gross. The story of the Mitteler Rebbe, the name of קליפה may change but he is the same thing. 1) נחש הקדמוני and 2) מלאך המות and 3) יצר הרע and 4) שטן and 5) יש and 6) הרגש היש are really all the same thing. The idea of נסיונות…

Perek 6, Class 8 Perek 7, Class 1 (74). Tanya (text based)

End of Perek 6, Beginning of Perek 7. The beginning of all קליפה is ראשית גויים עמלק, but that is complicated by garments of complexity and “good”. In Asiya there are these two lowest levels: 1) The severe (altogether) evil Klipos that are three: רוח סערה wind, ענן גדול great cloud, אש מתלקחת fire. Two…

Lesson 5 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hateshuva

Chapter six in Iggeres hateshuva discusses Golus. During that time the lines between kedusha and Kelipa can get crossed (as kedusha itself is in exile). The result is A Yid can live from and give life to kelipa. This also explains the mystical concept of Teshuva (Returning to Kedusha what is rightfully his).

Lesson 4 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hateshuva

Chapters 4-6 discuss Yiddishkeit in the time of the Beis Hamikdash vs. the times of Golus. These two disparate worlds can be described as normal vs. extreme. Golus has several advantages. One of them appears to be Teshuva (in the mystical sense at least).