The Baal Shem Tov. His life and legacy. (5772/2011) Lecture 07

This is a new series that will IY”H review all of the details known about the Rabbeiim. Given at Chovevei Torah. Lecture Seven. The philosophy of Chassidus (1). 1) Elokus is everything and everything is Elokus, 2) Emunas Tzadikim. Then two philosophies to this: Chabad and Chagas.

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class Eight.

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class Eight.Review of what we did until now.Introduction to Derech Mitzvosecha, overview of the Tzemach Tzedek’s Torah and the Sefer Derech Mitzvosecha specifically.A short discussion on NeHI vs ChaBaD and ChaGaS.

Class 41, Perek 3, Class 11. Tanya (text based)

מדות חג”ת נה”י והחושים. This Perek addresses all ten כחות, but he only explains the three מוחין חב”ד. The seven emotions חג”ת נהי”ם and the five חושים which are ראי’, שמיעה, ריח, טעם, מישוש. We will attempt to explain all these things over the next several classes. In general the emotions in קבלה are only…