Tanya (text based) Perek 10 Class 5 (95)

Tanya Perek 10, (Class 5). This class has a 20 minute introduction about 10 Kislev. The second idea about Bnei Aliyah, is the idea of איזהו חסיד המתחסד עם קונו the idea of Chassidus- to serve their Maker (Hashem). Two levels 1) מתחסד עם קונו and 2) עם קן דילי’ה the idea of Dira Bitachtonim.

Tanya (text based) Perek 10 Class 4 (94)

Tanya Perek 10, (Class 4). Tzadikim Gamurim are (always) Bnei Aliya, total transformation from bad to good, allowing them to ascend to the higher Gan Eden.