Class 32, Perek 3, Class 2 Tanya (text based)

Another idea associated with the Kochos is that it inhibits, limits, and gives finite expression to the infinite soul כחות הנפש מבטאים גילויי הנפש בהגבלה ובהתחלקות. This allows the Neshama and the person to operate in a finite world and to co-exist with other Neshamos and to even make compromise.

Class 31, Perek 3, Class 1 Tanya (text based)

Introduction: The Neshama’s three levels: 1) Etzem, 2) Kochos and 3) Levushim. Chapter 2 dealt with Etzem, Chapter 4 will deal with Levushim and our Perek will deal with Kochos. The idea of נשתלשלו מהם, that בצלמינו כדמותינו in חקירה means intelligence, but in קבלה it means that all the aspects that exist in אלקות…

Lag baOmer 5713.

Toras Menachem vol. 8 page 148-58.