HaYom Yom – 22 Tamuz (1)

Hayom Yom 22 Tamuz (Class One): The three ideas: 1) Chassidic thought, 2) Chassidic good custom 3) Chassidic song and their respective impacts.

HaYom Yom – 22 Tamuz (2)

(Class 2): This Class has an introduction about the upcoming 19 Kislev, the Farbrengen and the traditions. The connection between this introduction and our Hayom Yom is the idea of Avoda, the basis for the “light” of Chassidus is the work. There’s the Work (Avoda) and the light (the Ma’amar Chassidus) that follows the work….

HaYom Yom – 11 Menachem Av (1)

Hayom Yom 11 Menachem, Class One.The Alter Rebbe meets the Maggid; we’ll get to it later on IYH.Reb Hilel Paritcher, in conjunction with his Yahrtzait.This is not (at all) in the entry of the Hayom Yom, but this is a good excuse to talk about a great Chossid, He was a giant and a Mikushar,…