16. Ki Savou El HaAretz 5713

Ki Savou El HaAretz 5713, Class One.Introduction: Livushim, different types and advantages and disadvantages.What is unusual about THIS Ma’amar. This Ma’amar sees Livushim not only as tools of Tzimtzum, to reduce the divine light, to allow for worlds that are more and more real, but also as a “חיבור,” that allows and facilitates the lower…

33. Vihishalachti 5738

Vihishalachti 5738, Class One.This class includes the first question of the מאמר: what is the meaning of והתהלכתי בתוככם after Hashem already promised ושכנתי בתוכם? Also What is the significance of walking doubly (והתהלכתי) from Hashem’s angle (as well as from our עבודה angle)?And the answer to this question.[The rest of the questions will be…

10. והתהלכתי בתוככם ה’תשי”א

והתהלכתי בתוככם ה’תשי”א This מאמר is built around three ideas: Idea One: Movement from the bottom (climbing) upwards. This requires many prerequisites, knowing how to travel, being very strong, and having the right clothes. All this is paralleled in Avoda. Idea Two: Movement from the top down. That means one knows (and sees) automatically how…

Im Bichukosai 5746.

Before Shavuos, Hashem begs us (Im Bichukosai- Lashon Tachanunim) to do Mitzvos wholly. This means in all three levels: Machshava- thought and spiritual connection [Bichukosai TaLaichu), Dibur- Learn and understand the detail of the halacha of Torah (ViEs Mitzvosai Tishmoru], Maase’- Action with Kabbalas Ol [VaAsisem Osom].

Im Bichkosai 5745.

The Rebbe calls this Ma’amar of the Mitteler Rebbe a ‘wondrous Ma’amar’, It explains three levels in each and every Mitzvah: 1) Commandment (as the Soul is contained in the Nefesh HaBahamis; B’Chol Livuv’cha), 2) A promise that you’ll do it [as the Soul is by itself], 3) A story- the Mitzva (literally) does itself…

Im Bichukosai 5744.

The world was perfect at creation and becomes more perfect through work: Dira BiTachtonim.

אם בחוקותי תשמ”ג.

Chuka means edict but it also means engraved. This Parsha refers to all of Judaism as “Chuka” to underscore the level of service and connection associated with Chakika. There are three levels: 1) תורה שבעל פה which remains separate from the person even after he learns it. 2) תורה שבכתב which is initially separate but…

אם בחוקותי תלכו ה’תשמ”א.

This is primarily a ל”ג בעומר Ma’amar. בחוקותי means תורה that results in a physical change in the world as it says ונתתי גשמיכם בעתם the Torah that makes it rain is the level of רבי שמעון בר יוחאי. This is, of course, the story in זהר where through תורה ושבחים of רשב”י it rained….

אם בחוקותי תלכו ה’תשט”ז.

Through חקיקה one becomes a מהלך. But it must involve אותיות וכלים ולא סגי אור בלבד because that is the כונה and it brings Godliness down. Examples: 1) חסד זוטא ורב חסד the difference. 2) אור ושפע. 3) רצון וכחות 4) אור מקיף ואור פנימי 5) אורות וכלים.