The Hadran Hagadol al HaRaMbaM (5735)(32)

Class Thirty Two. continued Yesod HaYesodos and Amud HaChochmos- Yesod is hidden and Amud is revealed. Axioms, what are they. Page 24-5.

Toras Menachem – Shavuous 5715 (05) – Sicha Five (03)

Class Five Page 121-122. Why can a Jew accept ideas when the axioms go against his judgement? 1) His Godly soul, 2) He was at Sinai and in hearing Anochi, God Himself gave Himself to each one and therefore this is not a loyalty to someone else, it is like a loyalty to oneself. The…

Toras Menachem – Shavuous 5715 (04) – Sicha Five (02)

Class Four. Page 120-121. חכמה יש באומות תאמין תורה יש באומות אל תאמין. The idea of axioms in the secular world and realms of ideas is one where the person chooses to buy into them, this is חכמה. In Torah, the axioms are maintained and the ideas accepted even if the axioms don’t appeal that…