HaYom Yom – 11 Menachem Av (2)

Hayom Yom 11 Menachem, Class Two.Some more on Reb Hilel and Hiskashrus.The Alter Rebbe’s decision to “go into Galus”.The decision to go to Mezritch; the condition (that he would would find Niglah).His brother has to go back.The Alter Rebbe goes alone.Messages from the Ba’al Shem Tov.

HaYom Yom – 11 Menachem Av (1)

Hayom Yom 11 Menachem, Class One.The Alter Rebbe meets the Maggid; we’ll get to it later on IYH.Reb Hilel Paritcher, in conjunction with his Yahrtzait.This is not (at all) in the entry of the Hayom Yom, but this is a good excuse to talk about a great Chossid, He was a giant and a Mikushar,…

HaYom Yom – 12 Menachem Av (2)

Hayom Yom 12 Menachem, Class Two.The Baal Shem Tov The Mezritcher Maggid and the Alter Rebbe three levels in Ahavas Yisroel.NOTE: there is a mistake in the quote of the Ba’al Shem Tov’s vort in this class; the source is Likutei Sichos vol 2 page 299 ff. Please see there.

HaYom Yom – 12 Menachem Av (1)

Hayom Yom 12 Menachem, Class One.Chassidus is the Torah of Ahavas Yisroel.

Hayom Yom – 16 Menachem Av (1)

Hayom Yom 16 Menachem, Class One.The Ba’al Shem Tov traveled, a brief history of this attitude of traveling.Avrohom, who was also the first traveled; to bring a new idea into the world, at first you go around and give it away, afterwards you make people earn it. Three reasons: 1) Pidyon Shvuyim, 2) strengthening Yiddishkeit,…

Hayom Yom 7 Menachem Av, Class Two.

Hayom Yom 7 Menachem Av, Class Two.This class has a long introduction dealing with the time (14 Kislev).The second Iggeres HaKodseh Katonti in the Sunday of Vayishlach cannot be ignored.The idea of שמינית שבשמינית and the fact that this Possuk is the eighth Possuk in the eighth Parsha.

Hayom Yom 5 Menachem Av, Class Two.

Hayom Yom 5 Menachem Av, Class Two.Klippa is darkness and nothingness plus one more thing – thepower of suggestion. If we don’t buy into our own belief in the klippawe will find that we are dealing with a leaf in the wind.  We have tostop believing in klippas power to break bad habits. That is…

39. Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim 5740

Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim 5740.This maamar originally came out as a sicha but was re-issued on 3 Tammuz 2020 as a maamar on the mishnah “Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim l’Yisrael K’Chasmisha Asar B’Av U Ki Yom Ha Kippurim”.  The Rebbe presented many maamarim on this mishnah.  In this version there is a correspondence drawn between…

45. Hashamayim Kisii 5738

Maamar HaShayim-Kisi-5738“Shamayim” (Heaven) is Hashem’s chair and the “Aretz” (Earth) is Hashem’s footstool.  What does this mean? Heaven is like a chair which brings Him down to the worlds.Earth is like a footstool that raises the world up to Him.Spiritually this is Torah (heaven) and Yidden (earth).However each of the two are the (collective) purpose…

43. Vishinantum Livanecha 5738

Vishinantum Livanecha 5738 Part One.This part of the Ma’amar explores the idea of 15 Menachem , the Aliya is proportionate to the yerida.1) Pesach- Tzadik2) Tishrei- Teshuva but step by step3) 15 Menachem- Teshuva in an instant; at the moment of the Churban itself maximum Gilui. Notes:0:00 – 1:00  Story – The Priest who wore…