07 Vayehi Achar (the Akeida), (Machon Chana) Class 2

Vayehi Achar (the Akeida), Class Two.WEDNESDAY 4 KISLEV 5775/ NOVEMBER 26 2014Vayehi Achar Class Two. There are many reasons to say VaYehi Achar and though the idea has been around since the Zohar, it was not said until the last few hundred years or so. This class explores why it has been recently incorporated into…

08. Lech Lecha 5738 (Muga)

Lech Lecha 5738.There are two journeys:1) From higher to lower; this is the journey of Avrohom to engage with the world; it is the journey of every Neshama as it descends from heaven to earth.This is also linked to the idea of ViYaakov Halach Lidarko after Tishrei.2) From lower to higher, from Avoda Zara to…

07. Mayim Rabim 5738 (Muga)

Mayim Rabim 5738.This single class ma’amar introduces revolutionary ideas about teshuva.  The Alter Rebbe says that the “real reason” for the Neshama’s decent into this world is for Teshuva.In addition to understanding this basically (doing Teshuva after an error) there is the deeper idea: the very departure and return of the Neshama is a journey…

Three Talks on Chinuch ideas questions and answers, going into the 5721 (2020-2021) School year

Talk one.Given to teachers over zoom ideas about dealing with the Chinuch now (in general and after quarantine especially). Talk Two. Educating the children and Moshiach and faith and Temimus, sincerity, Talk Three.Questions and answers, some opinions and thoughts. This talk is a bit more informal feeling which is nice.  Also it is a more…

The Rebbe. (5770). A three part series (given at the BESHT) – Class 1

The Rebbe Class One. In the first class are some stories about the Rebbe’s early life.

Stories about The Rebbe – Class 3

The Yud SHVAT story (5766). The Previous Rebbe’s passing and the Rebbe’s ascent to leadership.

Some stories about The Rebbe MaHaRash. (5768)

Stories of his life (5768). Part One.

The Rebbe. (5770). 3 Classes Class 1

A three part series (given at the BESHT) about the Rebbe. The Rebbe Class One. In the first class are some stories about the Rebbe’s early life.

46. Vihaya Ki Savo 5738

Maamar Vihaya Ki Savo 5738Self-Transformation Through Torah and Mitzvos(originally the Rebbe taught this ma’amar on Chai Elul on a Wednesday)0:00 – 7:20 Intro thoughts on the founding of Tomchei T’mimim on 17 ElulThis maamar on Parshas Ki Savo – the inner meaning of the following 4 ideas and their order is analyzed.1. Eretz Yisrael is…

39. Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim 5740

Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim 5740.This maamar originally came out as a sicha but was re-issued on 3 Tammuz 2020 as a maamar on the mishnah “Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim l’Yisrael K’Chasmisha Asar B’Av U Ki Yom Ha Kippurim”.  The Rebbe presented many maamarim on this mishnah.  In this version there is a correspondence drawn between…