Toras Menachem – Summer 5727 – Mivtza Tefillin (01)

Class One. במדבר ה’תשכ”ז introducing מבצע תפילין. It brings you back alive as it says in Gemara כל המניח תפילין מאריך ימים. It protects you from needing to fight altogether as it says in the Gemara in Brachos וראו כל עמי הארץ כי שם השם נקרא עליך ויראו ממיך וארז”ל אלו תפילין שבראש.

Toras Menachem – Summer 5727 – Mivtza Tefillin (04)

Toras Menachem vol. 50 page 4(6)[8]-54. Class Four. The idea of Achdus Yisroel as it relates to the essence of every Jew is connected to Torah. It was revealed during the Six Day War.

Tanya Chapter 17, Class 1 (128).

Tanya Chapter 17, Class 1 (128).A new read on the Possuk כי קרוב אליך:Ki Karov Ailecha Hadavar= YiddishkeitBiFicha= to learn about HashemUvilVavcha LaAsoso= develop (just) enough emotion to master one’s actions.For someone with a brain the head this is “near” and (even) “easy”

Basi Legani Perek 11 Version Two Empire Shteibel, Class Two.

Basi Legani Perek 11 Version Two Empire Shteibel, Class Two.Two types of war:מלחמה לשלול שלל ולבוז בז calculated, limited, אתכפיאמלחמת נצחון the WILL must be carried outOnly great people have this attribute of Netzach.

12. Pada BiShalom 5737 (3rd of three part Hemshech about Pada Bisahlom).

Pada BiShalom 5737 (3rd of three part Hemshech about Pada Bishalom), Class One.This Ma’amar seems to be a repeat of the Ma’amar of Shabbos (19 Kislev) before it, Katonti.The ideas of war and peace (Dovid, Shlomo, Moshiach) are discussed; as well as the ideas of Avoda (Iskafia, Ishapcha, NaRaN, Chaya and Yechida) are also repeated.And…


TANYA CHAPTER 15 CLASS 3 (119).A second kind of Lo Avado- through habit Torah (and Mitzvos) become like second nature.He is motivated by his Ahava Misuteres in it’s hidden state, thus rendering the Ahavah “Lo Avado” as he has done nothing to arouse it.

הודו להוי’ קראו בשמו Class Twenty Five, Pesukim 46-48.

הודו להוי’ קראו בשמו Class Twenty Five, Class One.This class deals with Pesukim 46-48.This class has a lengthy introduction, about words and their usage and the level they represent, whose source from the Zohar.The three levels are 1) Kesser, 2) Atzilus (Z”A), 3) Malchus.For example: 1) מצותי and 2) מצות הוי’ה and 3) מצות המלךThe…

09. ViAvrohom Zakain 5738 (Muga)

ViAvrohom Zakain 5738, Class One. Why does a Jew (who is a חלק אלוק ממעל) need Torah and Mitzvos?Answer: The Neshamah is אלקות שנעשה נברא (G-dliness that has become a creation (worldliness) whose connection is hidden (דביקות בלתי ניכר בכלים).This requires Torah and Mitzvos to change and reveal it’s G-dliness.They (Torah and Mitzvos) are in…

Three Talks on Chinuch ideas questions and answers, going into the 5721 (2020-2021) School year

Talk one.Given to teachers over zoom ideas about dealing with the Chinuch now (in general and after quarantine especially). Talk Two. Educating the children and Moshiach and faith and Temimus, sincerity, Talk Three.Questions and answers, some opinions and thoughts. This talk is a bit more informal feeling which is nice.  Also it is a more…

Hayom Yom Biography of the Frierdiker Rebbe Rayatz – Class 1

Class One. The biography of the Frierdike Rebbe until his Nesius. 1) His childhood, 2) Mishnayos Baal Peh, 3) the RaShabaTz, 4) his Arrest, 5) his Father’s Chinuch, 6) His 15th birthday and becoming a public servant, 7) going to meetings, 8) his wedding, 9) Tomchei Tmimim, 10) the Tzoris and how he was involved,…