48. Tiku 5744

Class One. A Possuk without RaShI or the Gemara reads quite differently. We blow when all is new and from Pleasure (Shofar). But it comes down from there into Bachodesh HaShvii, Biechad Lachodesh and Yom (Zichron) Truah. Class Two. Two becomes three (Perhaps: Pshitus, Klal, Pratim): Tiku Bachodesh: the source of newness that encompasses all….

47. Atem Nitzavim 5744

Rosh Hashanah we go from the ‘prat’ (detail) to the ‘Klal’ (unity). Afterwards from the Klal, (the general) back to the details (Torah and Mitzvos) and when Moshiach comes we’ll go finally from the ‘prat’ (details) to the (ultimate) ‘klal’ (general inclusiveness).

46. Vihaya Ki Savo 5744

Class One. Bikurim, Teruma and the remaining grain correspond to 1) Yidden, 2) Torah and the world. This Ma’amar assumes the source of Yidden that is higher than Torah and Mitzvos. But to reveal this we need Tefilla, thus in this Ma’amar Bikurim is Tefilla, and as it is done each day three times! Class…

45. Ani Lidodi 5744

We feed Him and He feeds us. On the lower level He must feed us, but on the higher level we feed Him.

44. VaYa’achilcha Es Haman 5744

Dew and rain, Rachamim and Rachamim Rabim.

43. LoHayu yamim Tovim… 5744

Class One. The greatest Yerida brings the biggest Aliya. Connection to Monday and the Shir Shel Yom: Gadol Havaya Umehulal Miod Bi’Ir Elokainu two insights: 1) He is seen as greater, 2) He is actually greater! Class Two. 15 Menachem and its importance.

42. Tzion Bimishpat Tipade’ 5744

Torah and Tzedaka, first the sublime, then the material. Ultimately Tzedaka ascends higher than Torah. This Maamar was (and is) learned lizchus Shmuel Menachem Mendel ben Shulamis for a complete recovery and inner and outer (personal and familial) peace of mind. Amain! Another Version from Beis Midrash Linashim

41) Aile Masai 5744

These Journeys set up all the Birurim in history. Though the desert has nothing to elevate (Birurim) and settle (Dira BiTachtonim), it is the defeat of the Shoresh of Klipa, so that the lesser Klipos can have an Aliyah.

40) Tzav es Bnei Yisroel 5744

Korbanos do and don’t apply in the times of Galus, why? They do in tefilla, but they don’t in action, Why? Korbanos must show their Godly effect immediately or they cannot be offered! This is the meaning of ‘Nachas Ruach SheAmarti vina’aseh R’tzoni’, that his will was revealed immedaitely. We explore how this idea differs…

39) Pada Bishalom 5744

Class One. The Gemarah that links this Possuk to Torah Avoda and Gemilas Chasadim. The Rebbe links this to ‘the three pillars on which the world stands’. These three are affecting one’s 1) mind, 2) body, 3) world. The narrow world (the person) and the greater world. Yerida Tzorech Aliya of the Neshama, from a…