36. עשרה שיושבים ה’תשמ”ב 1

Based on the Previous Rebbe’s Ma’amar from 5688. Just as ten Jews are needed for a Minyan and the effect reveals the 13 attributes of Mercy Similarly, when one learns with ten Jews it reveals the 13 attributes of the interpretations of Torah (Torah SheBa’al Peh)

35. וישלח יהושע ה’תשמ”ב

Moshe’s spies were his choice, Yehoshua’s was a divine mandate, Why? Yehoshua’s spies concerned themselves with the practical level of Judaism which is everyone’s and a divine commandment, while Moshe’s were concerned with something above the practical and that is not for every body.

34. צאינה וראינה ה’תשמ”ב

There are three Midrashim regarding crowns and Mattan Torah, in one there is one crown, in another there are two, and in the third, there are three. These contradictions are resolved in this Ma’amar. They correspond to serving Hashem with Mesiras Nefesh בכל מאודיך in each of the three areas of תורה עבודה וגמילת חסדים….

33. וידבר אלוקים ה’תשמ”ב

This Ma’amar was taught as the third part in a series on Moshiach. In this class we explore Moshiach as a teacher of Torah. All revelation must follow Mitzrayima and concealment in order to reveal. Torah of Moshiach on the level of vision follows the darkness of Galus and the preparing for the Torah of…

32 -ועבדי דוד ה’תשמ”ב -ב

This is the second Ma’amar on this Possuk. In this one the Rebbe develops many new ideas (based on the Tzemach Tzedek’s notes) on the “old theme” of ועבדי דוד. He brings a Gemara that speaks of קיסר ופלגי קיסר Moshiach and an assistant, He also speaks of משה הוא גואל ראשון הוא גואל אחרון…

31 -ועבדי דוד ה’תשמ”ב -א

This, the first of two [three] Ma’amarim that are based on a Ma’amar of the same title from ה’תרצ”ט 1939, is not normally a Shavuos title and the Rebbe addresses this anomaly. The content of the Maamar with the same title deals with Yehuda and Dovid, Torah and Ma’aseh. which are familiar themes in Chassidus….

30. ויאמר לו יהונתן מחר חודש ה’תשמ”ב

ויאמר לו יהונתן מחר חודש ה’תשמ”ב, Class One. There are two levels: 1) סוד שרש where everything stays constant לא ישבותו. This is the basis for the sustained order in the world, and it is parallel to the sun, that is a constant but is sustained by יחוד חיצוני. 2) סוד תוספת which is all…

29. איתא בזהר זימנא חדא ה’תשמ”ב

This classic Lag BaOmer Ma’amar is repeated here. חיי עולם וחיי שעה- תורה ותפילה, תפילה וברכה Torah from the top down vs. Tefilla from the bottom up. RaShbI was one of those individuals whose Torah could change the world and it is without much effort. He was (both) lifted up and brought down by the…

28. כי כאשר השמים החדשים ה’תשמ”ב

כי כאשר השמים החדשים ה’תשמ”ב1) פתיחת הצינור Opening new gates requires special strength. The Light originally was in the מקום החלל so that when we reveal it the פתיחת הצינור was already made by the Creator. 2) השמים כסאי והארץ הדום רגלי is the same idea. The higher worlds set up and make it possible…

27. ויהי ביום השמיני ה’תשמ”ב

The numbers seven, eight and ten. Three levels in Shabbos. These numbers as they apply to days, weeks and years. To Moshe Rabbeinu and Moshiach.