41. אני לדודי ודודי לי ה’תש”מ.

Class One. The basic idea of Elul, the king in the field: the super-rational bond between the King and the people of the field. Class Two. The people of the field and their work there. Different kinds of fields, some require more work and others require less work, and accordingly their way of life and…

40. ראה ה’תש”מ.

Class One. The four letters of Shem Havaya (basically as explained in Likutei Torah Re’ei). Point, developed contemplation (י, ה). Above Havaya there’s Panim. When the Panim is joined with Havaya the revelation is healthy as it joins with the Source (essence). Class Two. When the Panim is disconnected from the Havaya, the problems start….

38. ציון במשפט תפדה ה’תש”מ.

Class One. Yerida Tzorach Aliya. Each day Torah must be like new. In Galus it’s actually and absolutely new. In Galus the Aliya is not only for the Neshama but for the Body as well. Class Two. The Alter Rebbe and the Arizal about the Possuk. According to the Arizal, Vishaveha BiTzdaka is higher than…

37. החלצו ה’תש”מ.

Class One. Introduction about a fast that is nidcha and Rebbi’s opinion. Midian shares with Amalaik the notion of irrational opposition (but in Midian’s case) to peace and unity. It is a war against HAVAYA. Class Two. Introduction about the Alter Rebbe’s wedding anniversary and his (married) life. The fight with Midyan is with Havaya…

36. ברוך הגומל ה’תש”מ.

Yetzias Mitzrayim was forever. Going out of Galus brings out the greatest Kochos. עמו וצאן מרעיתו Being a sheep is (spiritually) higher than being a member of His people.

35. גפן ממצרים תסיע ה’תש”מ.

Class One. Elokim, Havaya in Elokim and Havaya by itself. Class Two. Mihalech, being in motion reveals the highest powers.

34. זאת חוקת התורה ה’תש”מ.

Before the first sin, and reversal of death to a level higher even than that.

33. השמים כסאי ה’תש”מ.

Class One. The question is: we understand the idea of a chair and a footstool in Kabbalah, but what can it mean in Atzmus (Chassidus)? The answer: Torah and Mitzvos exist in Atzmus also. Class Two. Continued.

32. שלח לך ה’תש”מ

The Meraglim argued to stay in the world of speech rather than go into the world of action. Speech is spiritual but is Yesh. Kolaiv quieted the people, which is Bittul or thought which is higher than the world of speech also. The Possuk ארץ אשר השם אלוקיך דורש אותה תמיד עיני ה’ אלוקיך בה…

31. על שלשה דברים העולם עומד ה’תש”מ (Hemshech 3).

Class One. This מאמר is the third in a המשך that discusses the (one, two, or three) crowns associated with the event of מתן תורה. The question of the number of crowns and who gives them to whom is resolved with the Gemara on the פסוק ברן יחד ככבי בקר ויריעו כל בני אלוקים. All…