39. Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim 5740

Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim 5740.This maamar originally came out as a sicha but was re-issued on 3 Tammuz 2020 as a maamar on the mishnah “Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim l’Yisrael K’Chasmisha Asar B’Av U Ki Yom Ha Kippurim”.  The Rebbe presented many maamarim on this mishnah.  In this version there is a correspondence drawn between…

08. פדה בשלום ה’תש”מ

Class One The notion of real peace and the levels in it. The only ultimate peace is when Moshiach comes.  The connection between this idea and the Journey of Yaakov to and from Charan. He returns “in peace”.

09. מרגלא בפומיא דרבא תכלית חכמה תשובה ומעשים טובים ה’תש”מ (Muga)

Class One Three levels and stages: 1) רעותא דליבא 2) קבלת עול מלכות שמים 3) מצוה עצמה Footnote 20: Only Mitzvos actually “hold” Atzmus, but the רעותא דליבא and קבלת עול that proceed it allow the Atzmus to be “revealed”. Class Two These three levels are linked to: 1) בן this is the idea that…

07. ויהי הוא טרם כילה לדבר ה’תש”מ

Class One. Prayers that take time to be answered and prayers that are answered immediately. [example” everything about the Kehuna happens fast]. Class Two. How this is connected especially to Eliezer, as he was the Shliach of Yitzchok who is the idea of Gevura, that when it is strong and giving it is very strong…

06. וירח הוי’ את ריח הניחוח ה’תש”מ

Class One. The story of Mesiras Nefesh (Reb Dovid Okinov O”H). The Korbanos of Mesiras Nefesh are greater than the Korbanos in the Beis Hamikdash. When people go through so much and still stand unbending and unchanging (altogether) in their connection to Hashem, this is the highest Inyan. זה דור דורשיו מבקשי פניך יעקב סלה…

05. ויאמר לו יהונתן מחר חודש ה’תש”מ

Class One. Two teachings: the Ba’al Shem Tov and the Tzemach Tzedek. The Ba’al Shem Tov: Breishis etc. to reveal the reason for the concealment of Elokim. The Tzemach Tzedek: three ideas to Breishis: 1) Kesser, 2) Chochma, 3) Midos. To bring it all down. Class Two. The classic idea of renewal after departure (associated…

02. שובה ישראל ה’תש”מ (Muga)

(1) The idea of Shofar and Chatzotzros and Shofar (Atzmus and Giluyim) that were explained Rosh Hashana are repeated clearly here. (2) Teshuva must involve Ratzoi and Shov, connect to Hashem but then return to living in this world as a Yid.

44. זה היום תחילת מעשיך ה’תש”מ.

Class One. Rosh Hashana is not about creation but creation’s purpose. כי חוק לישראל הוא משפט לאלוקי יעקב means רוחניות broken down into two aspects: תורה ומצוות. However, this Ma’amar makes Rosh Hashana (not so much about Hashem becoming King, but) about the power of the Jewish people to crown Him as King. We reach…

43. שוש אשיש ה’תש”מ.

This Ma’amar discusses תקעו בחודש שופר בכסא ליום חגינו. That there must be a שוב after the רצוא of the ימים נוראים. This is מצוות מעשיות. It seems that he adds here that in Rosh Hashana itself there are מצוות that are the שוב.

42. היום הזה ה’תש”מ.

“Hayom” means the day one goes into Eretz Yisroel. We are choosing and being chosen. Eretz Yisroel in הוי’ האמרת. עולם שנה נפש means He responds to us. הוי’ האמירך means that He gives the Koach for us to respond to Him.