Toras Menachem – Bamidbar 5719 (01)

Class One: Page 309-10. The question: why is the location of the count of Yidden “Midbar Sinai” pointed out at the beginning of Parshas Bamidbar? The issue of Sinai being a source of hatred.

Toras Menachem – Bamidbar 5719 (05)

Class Five: Page 312-313 The count of the Jewish people includes all Jews also the not such good ones, and they are also taught that the first thing is שנאה לעניני העולם because the order in life is first סור מרע and afterwards עשה טוב.

Toras Menachem – Bamidbar 5719 (04)

Class Four: Page 311- 312 כל היוצא למלחמת בית דוד גט כריתות כותב לאשתו is the first level because separation isn’t the same thing as hate. The second level is שמשם ירדה שנאה לעולם some things need to be hated!!! This explains why Sinai is mentioned when Yidden are being counted.

Toras Menachem – Shavous 5719 to Neshei Chabad

(1) What is Neshei? and the responsibility it involves? Hashgacha Protis and how it gives meaning. (2) Leadership, action and inclusiveness.

13. Basi Lgani 5719 (Muga)

Class One: This class has a long introduction about the story of Basi Ligani. It also includes Perek 1, 6. This Perek ends the discussion about transforming Klipa to Kedusha, in this case, the letters ר, ק to the letters ד, ה. It is explained based on the Possuk גער חית קנה to transform Masculine and feminine קליפה…