Toras Menachem – 10 Shvat 5716 (02) – Sicha One (02)

Class Two. Page 41-3. There are different types of Yahrtzaits and different types of Ohalim [it all depends on how the Tzadik lived]. The Previous Rebbe lived with Simcha, his Ohel and Yahrtzait reflect this.

Toras Menachem – Simchas Torah 5716 (03) – Sicha One (03)

Class Three. Page 131-2. End of Sicha on Teshuva and Simchas bais Hashoaiva.

20. להבין ענין נתינת התורה ה’תשט”ז.

Why are Malachim standing still while Neshamos are called Mihalech? 1) because the Malachim have a body and a soul that are close while the body and soul of the Jew are very far apart (which is why they have the power of Ein Sof to procreate). 2) Malachim are from Dibbur while Neshamos are…

19. אם בחוקותי תלכו ה’תשט”ז.

Through חקיקה one becomes a מהלך. But it must involve אותיות וכלים ולא סגי אור בלבד because that is the כונה and it brings Godliness down. Examples: 1) חסד זוטא ורב חסד the difference. 2) אור ושפע. 3) רצון וכחות 4) אור מקיף ואור פנימי 5) אורות וכלים.

18. לפיכך נקראו הראשונים סופרים ה’תשט”ז.

Class One. In this class we explained the deeper meaning of this Gemara. Because they counted and had a precise number of letters they saw to it that the Torah and the Tehillim should have a center where Ein Sof can be manifest to correct חטא עץ הדעת and גלות אדום. The concept of a…

17. כימי צאתך ה’תשט”ז.

Class One. This class overviewed the entire Ma’amar. 1) The purpose of creation is for the sake of ירידה צורך עלי’, לאשתאבא בגופא דמךכא of the Neshama. 2) The purpose is for ועבדתם את הוי’ אלוקיכם, עבודה צורך גבוה, אתכפיא to preserve the צמצום. 3) The purpose of creation is ועבדתם את הוי’ אלוקיכם, עבודה…

16. החדש ה’תשט”ז.

Class One. The Midrash discusses the idea of טובים השניים מן האחד by the communication of the first Mitzvah. Moshe and Aharon שושבינא דמלכא שושבינא דמטרוניתא. Physical vs. Spiritual Chometz. Torah is Bitul, Aharon is love, love cannot achieve the Bitul Torah can. [Therefore two anticipated in this first communication].   Class Two. Moshe and…

15. להבין … כל המועדים בטלים ה’תשט”ז.

Class One. יפה תואר ויפה מראה Outer Beauty- Mitzvos Asei. Inner beauty- Mitzvos Lo Taase. It is about balance.   Class Two. כשחסר ביפה תואר ויפה מראה משלימים החסר בתשובה וקבלת עול. When things are off balance, we compensate with higher than balance. Two anomalies about Purim that reveal this: A) We are called יהודים-…

14. ליהודים היתה אורה… ויקר ה’תשט”ז.

This is based on a Ma’amar of the Alter Rebbe, the reason and meaning of this practice is explained a little bit here. אורה in feminine means how we become the Mashpia, this is a true infinity. יקר which is usually not a sustainable light, becomes manageable because of Purim. Turning Yekar around, Tefillin.

13. כי תשא התשט”ז.

Class One. This class is about Dira BiTachtonim, 1) as the lowest world (the last to be created) it stands to be the purpose quite logically. 2) The higher worlds, though after the Tzimtzum, A. have more light, B. Are created based on the return of the light, C. indirectly reveal the Etzem from which…