Lehuvin Inyan Simchas Torah (להבין ענין שמחת) 5712-2

Class Two. This class talks about Simchas Torah. We dance and bring Joy to the Torah. The question is who are we to do so, especially on the level of the Torah called Matana (a gift). The answer is that we are masters over all levels of light until (literally) Atzmus, and we are therefore…

Lehuvin Inyan Simchas Torah (להבין ענין שמחת) 5712-1

Class One. This first class on this Ma’amar discusses the Biur (philosophy/ mysticism) of the Ma’amar. Neshamos are called ‘Kol HaNikra BiShmi…’. This means that all of Godliness (anything other than Him) even the highest light, is brought forth by Neshamos. In addition since we emerge as separate beings (as opposed to Torah, which is…

Vayikach Hashem… Vayanichaihu BiGan Eden (ויקח ה”א את האדם) 5712-2

Class Two. In the Avodah of Ahava there is also Olom (Ahava Murgash), Nefesh (Bilti Murgash), and Shana (Sechel which is in between Murgash and Bilti Murgash). On this basis he explains the need for Shmira (from the Murgash element) even in Gan Eden.

ViAile Hamishpatim (ואלה המשפטים) 5711-2

Class Two. Moshe actually is needed to give Da’as even to the Neshamos of ‘Zera Adam’ (Atzilus). In other words they also need Moshe Rabbeinu. To them Moshe is giving the Da’as of ‘Tachlis Hayedia shelo naiduacha’, which means: “the end of knowledge is to know that we do not (and cannot) know”. But this…

Ki Tisa (כי תשא) 5711-2

Class Two. In this class we learn about the need for Moshe Rabbeinu: Every Jew has in his Neshama Emuna but it can be makif, like the thief who prays that Hashem grants him success at theft. The internalization of faith, comes from Moshe who because of his oneness with Atzmus can strengthen our faith….

Ki Tisa (כי תשא) 5711-1

Class One. Emuna is discussed in this class. The Ma’amar explains that a Goy has Emuna only on the level of Mimalei Kol Almin. He explains that even on this level there is a difference between Knowledge and Emuna. By Yidden there are three levels of Emuna: 1) From Mimalei, (here also the Yid’s Emuna…

Usfartem Lachem (וספרתם לכם התשי”א) 5711-1

Class One. This class begins with the three opinions whether ספירת העומר nowadays is מדאורייתא or מדרבנן. The רבינו ירוחם distinguishes between the count of days which he considers Biblical and the count of weeks which he considers Rabbinic. The class explores how this could be by explaining that ספירת העומר is about the בירור…

V’Kibel Hayehudim (וקבל יהודים) Muga 5711-2

Class Two. Three levels 1) for us, 2) for God, 3) to join the two. 1) In Torah 2) learning Torah, 3) In learning Halacha, 4) In Mitzvos, 5) In doing Mitzvos. There’s another idea: that we are Bottul not by not existing, but in our existence and form. This is the highest level.

Vehaya Eikev (והי’ עקב תשמעון) 5711-2

Class Two. Hiskashrus (tying) is lower than Dvaikus (cleaving) but it forms a stronger bond, as do Neshamos down here who are ‘black and beautiful’. The Possuk VeHaya Eikev, says that when Mitzvos are done on a heel level they create a bond that is higher than reason.

Vehaya Eikev (והי’ עקב תשמעון) 5711-1

Class One. The reason the Soul down in this world says to ‘Bnos Yerushalayim’ “I’m black and (but I’m) beautiful’ because down here there is a love of longing and fear rooted in the Mehus rather than (simply the nature of) the Etzem. How fear of G-d down here is more the Mehus than on…