Class #23.

In the process of studying Torah a person experiences Hashem’s light. However, we often have a hard time doing our part. This class addresses the challenge of becoming a real student. MP3

Class #22.

The Series now shifts to focus on how Chassidus can be practically applied in one’s life. Note: The beginning of this class refers to a discussion in the previous class in which Rabbi Paltiel returns to the core question, “What is Chassidus?”. The class referred to has not been posted because the content of the…

Class #20.

Why is it that in some cases Chassidim appear to be extremely strict about Halacha while in other areas they appear lenient? Rabbi Paltiel addresses this question directly with explanations of specific cases (e.g., not sleeping in the sukkah etc.). MP3

Class #19.

Discipline and Self-Control are also core aspects of Chassidic practice. Rabbi Paltiel brings his personal experience and warmth to this topic and illustrates the beauty of a life that combines Chassidic joy and yiras Shamayim (fear of Heaven). The class includes discussion of some Chassidic widespread practices of “hidur mitzvah” (beautification of a mitzva) and…