Basi Legani 5711 (Long Version) (02)

Chapters 2-3. The Seventh is most beloved. As the beginning of the undoing of the divine plan is most critical, so is the end of the correction of that divine plan most essential. The real credit, however, goes to the first (Avrohom), who started the correction. The seventh gets to finish his initiative and is…

Basi Ligani 5711 (Long Version) (01)

Chapter 1. Ikkar Shechina biTachtonim Haysa.

Usfartem Lachem (וספרתם לכם התשי”א) 5711-2

Class Two. This class is the beginning and the end of the מאמר. Why ספירה is counted from the day after the first day Pesach, though it says ממחרת השבת.

Basi Legani 5711 (Long Version) (05)

Chapter six and seven address how positive extremism (Shtus diKedusha) affects the world in a most profound and good way.

Basi Legani 5711 (Long Version) (04)

Chapter five 1) continues the idea of chapter four, arguing that even Keilim (of Atzilus) are a “Yerida MeOhr Panav Yisbarech”, 2) The lights are in Atzilus now for Asiya later, 3) Reconfirms the idea of Dira Bitachtonim through Iskafia and Ishapcha.

Biha’alosecha 10:11 – Rejoicing at Leaving the Holy Mountain (Yeshiva Achei Temimim 5782/ 2022)

Biha’alosecha 10-11 Rejoicing at leaving the holy Mountain (Yeshiva Achei Temimim 5782/ 2022)There are four tragedies in our Parsha:1) Rejoicing at leaving Har Sinai2) Complaining at the rate of travel (מתאוננים)3) Protesting Divine Food, for the most absurd reasons (קברות התאוה)4) Miriam’s Lashon HaRa and subsequent Tzara’as.Pehaps the strangest of all is the first one:…

Likutei Sichos – Vol 18 p 018 ff – Bamidbar and Shavuos

Likutei Sichos – Vol 18 p 18 ff – Bamidbar and ShavuosThe connection between Parshas Bamidbar and its closeness to Shavuos. The three ideas of 1) סגולה and 2) ממלכת כהנים and 3) גוי קדוש connecting it to Shavuos and how they are represented in Parshas Bamidbar 1) counting all Yidden, 2) counting all Leviim,…

Bamidbar 02:02 – The Jewish camp; the Flags had symbols on them ‘BiOsos’. What were these symbols? (Achei Temimim 5782/ 2022)

Bamidbar 02-02 – The Jewish camp; the Flags had symbols on them ‘BiOsos, what were these symbols? (Achei Temimim 5782/ 2022).The Jewish camp was divided up into four subcamps, or ‘flags’. Each flag had a symbol (or symbolism):1) RaShI A: a color, like the color on the stone of the Choshen of the Shevet that…

Bo 12:02 – First Mitzva: Kiddush Hachodesh (Yeshiva 5780)

Yeshiva 5780 Kidush Chadashim and Ibbur Shanim.A short version of the first Mitzvah.Our calendar is hidden even from the Torah SheBaal Peh (Gemara) only the RaMbaM recorded it.The nature of our calendar and the reason for its mystery.The combination of the Solar (normal constant) and the Lunar (variable) calendars, we join the constant and the…

Bo 12:02 – First Mitzva: Kiddush Hachodesh (02)

12-02. First Mitzva, Kidush Hachodesh. This Mitzva is given to Beis Din alone. They must determine the months and the years, deciding when and how to add a leap year. The class (which is divided in two because of its length), deals with opinions about this mitzva. There is a surprising Rabbeinu Chananel, and the…