Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020)(04)

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class Four.The second Zohar (Part 1): Torah that lacks financial support is weak and is forgotten and diminished over time.We explained this with the idea of Torah’s ChaBaD (abstract understanding,) and ChaGaS (the prospect of the various ways of determining a Halacha,) being separated from the NeHI (the actual Halacha.)The…

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020)(03)

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class Three.The first Zohar: Eisav’s Malach (angel) cannot find a way to hurt Ya’akov, so choses to hit what is already his domain: the thighs, which are mystically the NeH”I (that are his in the meantime).But this hurts Ya’akov and his descendants.We compared it to the idea of Azazel.

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020)(13)

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class Thirteen.Likutei Sichos vol. 30 page 148 ff. Class Two.In spite of the two universal points about Hashgacha listed above there is still a difference between universal Hashgacha and the Hashgacha Pratis of a Yid:The first is ‘logical’ and therefore though everything is central to creation there remains more central…

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020)(01)

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class One.The Sefer HaChinuch’s take on the Mitzvah of Gid HaNasheh, it reminds us that (even when it appears to be the case) that we are never forgotten and will eventually be redeemed.

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020)(12)

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class Twelve.Likutei Sichos vol. 30 page 148 ff. Class One.Gid Hanasheh reminds us of the everlasting love of Hashem to Yidden; and their immortality.Question why would something so central be celebrated by something so minor?Answer prefaces the Ba’al Shem Tov’s opinion of Hashgacha Pratis, two big ideas:A. everything (including דצ”ח)…

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020)(11)

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class Eleven.Last class on the Derech Mitzvosecha (Gid Hanasheh Ma’amar).The upside of NeHI alone is עם קשי עורף Jewish stubbornness. The downside of NeHI alone is the vulnerability to Amalek’s onslaught. At the very end of the class we explored the פרי עץ חיים from the beginning HIs נצח is…

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020)(10)

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class Ten.Amalaik attacks NeHI by itself, the lack of “light” makes the NeHI bitter and angry.

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020)(09)

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class Nine.Derech Mitzvosecha (2).ChaBaD of Chessed: love and understandingChaGaS of Chessed: ותרנות tendency towards generosity.NeHI of Chessed: action of kindness’ perhaps without all the emotion.The Malach of Aisav sees the NeHI as vulnerable.

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020)(08)

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class Eight.Review of what we did until now.Introduction to Derech Mitzvosecha, overview of the Tzemach Tzedek’s Torah and the Sefer Derech Mitzvosecha specifically. A short discussion on NeHI vs ChaBaD and ChaGaS.

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020)(07)

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class Seven.The second Zohar (Part 3):The Malach of Eisav hopes to weaken Ya’akov so he can overcome the admission of כי שרית עם אלוקים ועם אנשים ותוכל; and if he would it would leave the possibility for והי’ כאשר תריד ופרקת עולו מעל צואריך but he cannot find a weakness,…