Toras Menachem – Breishis 2 5717 (01) – Sicha six – Class 01

Class One. Page 144-6. Preoccupation with material things is shameful.

Samach Bais (17) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 17

Page 248-9. What does praise change? It reveals (and in G-dliness’ case: creates) new energy through the praise. This is why Yidden are called יונתי as they “stare” at Him.

Samach Bais (16) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 16

Page 247-8. פסוקי דזמרא is like looking at the king: הסתכלות where you have the essence but it is not internal and transforming though it is very impactful. ברכות קריאת שמע is studying the king; not nearly as moving but much deeper, like the כחות.

Samach Bais (15) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 15

Page 247-9. The four rungs of the ladder of prayer. מודה אני: submission and acceptance, this state is where one’s mind and heart and senses are not manifest, and we have and all we can (and do) do is accept. סיפור שבחיו של מקום :פסוקי דזמרא we sing G-d’s praises about what He does for…

Samach Bais (10) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 10

Page 245. Two types of Hishtalshelus: One: the gradual orderly one. In order for ideas and inspiration from Kesser to reach מלכות in a form of פנימיות it goes through various steps of התלבשות וצמצום.

Class 28

Page 295.

Class 27

Page 293-5. כי קולך ערב. תורה has two opposites together. 1) תורה must be accompanied by תפילה and the רוח modulates it all. 2) תורה has the opposites within itself: The hard work is תפילה; The presence of G-d in the Torah is תורה; and הלכה is רוח that modulates.

Class 26

Page 294. This is רצוי ושוב in one place. The idea that רוח moderates אש and מים creating רצוי ושוב and is thus higher even than אש. In effecting this, it reveals the עצמות of אין סוף, כי לא אדם into השתלשתלות, which is how He who is above seeing and hearing is brought to…

Class 25

[Page 293-5] The symptom (or proof) of the presence of עצמות א”ס, תחתונה שבמאציל in אצילות is the idea of תפארת where two opposites are joined.

Class 24

Page 293. Through תורה ומצות down here we bring down עצמות א”ס, תחתונה שבמאציל into השתלשלות. This is the meaning of הראיני את מראיך השמיעיני את קולך.