27 Nissan Chitas Tanya – Regular Year

27 NissanTanya regular year, Perek 42 continued.

27 Tamuz Hayom Yom

Hayom Yom 27 Tamuz, Class One.The Ilui who collected a great knowledge of Chassidus in Liozno, (like the Yoshvim later on) and then asked the Alter Rebbe what he must improve, and the Rebbe told him to deal with his Yeshus.Yechidus was really about Inyonim Pnimiyiim. Hayom Yom 27 Tamuz, Class Two. The idea of…

27 Sivan Hayom Yom

Class One Parnassa is from heaven we must “only” make the Keli. 1) It should be enough 2) and for good things. Class Two Parnassa continued. 1) Some make no Keli in Parnassa at all, like יוסף הצדיק, נחום איש גמזו, ר’ אלעזר בר’ שמעון. 2) The rest of us make a Keli in Teva…