26 Tamuz Hayom Yom

PDF For Hayom Yom 26-28 Tamuz Hayom Yom 26 Tamuz.The difference between learning and Davening.Learning: getting (G-dliness) as one can get.Davening: surrendering to Him as He is beyond us.The example of Geula Shlaima vs Yetzias Mitzrayim.

26 Sivan Hayom Yom

Class One Korach בריאה יברא הוי’ה Class Two They went down “living”. The downside of being alive: in Sheol you still believe you are alive (right). The upside of being alive: you can still do Teshuva. Korach’s sons did right away in thought (and reemerged at the end of the forty years) According to the…