The Alter Rebbe in Toras Shalom (04)

Class Four. The Alter Rebbe: 1) explained the highest and deepest ideas to the lowest person, 2) Had he been in the times of the Rishonim, Amoraim, Tanaim, Neviim he would be like them. Page 167-8.  

Alter Rebbe’s 200th Yahrzeit – (5573/5773; 1813/2013)

This year marks 200 hundred years since the Alter Rebbe’s passing, this is our series of classes marking this milestone.   Class One. 24 Teves this year is 200 years since the Alter Rebbe’s histalkus. This is an introduction to a series of classes (and Sichos) in conjunction with the Alter Rebbe and what occurred…

The Alter Rebbe – 10 Merits and Challenges. (5669) – Class 01

The Alter Rebbe himself spoke of ten positive things and ten painful things that happened in his lifetime Class 01 The ten Merits.

24 Teves 5723.

Click here for all related material. In conjunction with 24 Teves 5773, the 200th anniversary of the Alter Rebbe’s passing this series of Sichos was learned at Beis Midrash Linashim.

Farbrengen 5772 (2012).

24 Teves Farbrengen. We are entering the 200th year since his histalkus and it marks a string of very interesting and significant jubilees.