Basi Legani 5711 (Long Version) (06)

Chapters seven through nine 1) explain Histalkus (a great but lofty light is brought down) and 2) outline the mission of our (the “Seventh Generation)’s role in finalizing the coming of Moshiach.

Nasso 06:01~21 – Nazir Follows Sota (Yeshiva Achei Temimim 5782/ 2022)

Nasso 06-01-21 Nazir follows Sota (Yeshiva Achei Temimim 5782/ 2022).After Sota comes Nazir to teach us the lesson of נדרים סיג לפרישות when one is spiritually vulnerable it helps to make a fence in the form of a vow for spiritual self-preservation.But higher than making the vow is USING the material world’s bounty, including wine….

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020)(14)

Gid HaNasheh (Yeshivah 5781/ 2020), Class Fourteen.Final idea from the Sicha (in vol 30) since every aspect is Etzem all are equally important, Length: 17:08

Toldos (a lesson in Chinuch) (5780/2019) Yeshiva

Parshas Toldos (a lesson in Chinuch) 5780 (2019) Aisav is greater but extreme, Yaakov is balanced and sustained. The lesson in our lives. First Version: Yeshiva.

HaYom Yom – 20 Tamuz (1)

20 Tamuz Class One. Written to Rabbi Chodokov. A few stories of how he became involved with the Rabbeiim. He was an Oved Pnimi. This letter was written to him, to help him serve Hashem. This class is only an overview. We will explore all these ideas in detail in the coming classes. The three…

HaYom Yom – 18 Sivan (2)

Class Two It would be terrible for a Jew whose ancestors paid the price of getting to the end to be lost at the last moment. We mustn’t lose them now. All of us must do what we can in this regard.