17-17. Matei Aharon. (5768).

Aharon’s stick, what does it mean beyond the miracle itself. Sources: Midrashim, Rashi, Rashbam, Ramban, Chizkuni Click here for additional information on the role of Aaron HaKohen source for the above link: Class One. Class Two.

25-14. Kinyanim

25-14. Kinyanim.- the laws of acquisition. (How does one posses something according to the Torah). (5768). Class One. Class two.

34- 33. Moshe’s Mask (5768).

How to explain the mask Moshe wore in the desert. Class One. Class Two.

28-02. The Kohen’s clothes were “Lkovd ulSifares” (beautiful). (5768).

Several different allusions are made to the beauty of these clothes. What do they mean? Class One. Class Two.

25-23. The SHULCHAN.

Class One. This class includes Rashi, Ramban, Rabeinu Bechayey, Sforno, Midrash Hagadol, Kli Yaka, Shach. Class Two (part 1). This part includes Rabeinu Bechayey, Rikanti and Shel”ah. Class Two (part 2). This part includes the Chassidus on the Shulchan: Derech mitzvosecha, Maamar (5665).

18-11. Ata yadati (now I know…) (5768).

Yisro’s acknowledgment of Hashem was very significant. What (precisely) does it mean? Class One. Class Two.