Boruch HaGomel (5687/1927) (short)

Boruch HaGomel (5687/ 19270 (short).An overview given to some girls on account of a HUGE Ness that happened to them.One can celebrate the physical (side of the) Miracle (ברוך שעשה לי נס) or the Soul behind it (ברוך הגומל)…

12 Tamuz 5780 93 years

12 Tamuz 5780 93 yearsRecalling a note of the Rebbe’s from 5751 (13 Elul) 93 Vessels plus the Kohain is 94, what is means to us 93 years since the first 1 Tamuz (short thought). Farbrengen 13 Tamuz 5780 93 yearsWe are all in the Zchus of Tzadikim.Longer version of the idea of 93 vessels…

40. Ze Hayom Usa Hashem 5738 (12 Tamuz)

Ze HayomUsa Hashem 5738 (12 Tamuz) Class One.In Miracles there are two outstanding characteristics: 1) greater vs smaller miracles 2) more impact-full vs less impact-full miracles.As it turns out, smaller miracles are (more believable and therefore are) more impact-full than greater ones. So… which is preferred? (The answer will, be in the next class). Ze…

28. Havaya Li BiOzri 5717 (Muga)

Havaya Li BiOzri 5717 (Muga) Class One. (missing) Havaya Li BiOzri 5717 (Muga) Class Two. Havaya Li BiOzri 5717 (Muga) Class Three.

33 דעו כי הוי’ הוא האלוקים ה’תשל”ט

דעו כי הוי’ הוא האלוקים התשל”ט This is a י”ב תמוז Ma’amar For the Rebbe RaYaTz beginning his hundredth year, when he would recite פרק ק in Tehillim. The point of the Ma’amar is to explain that we עמו וצאן הרעיתו were tasked to affect הוי’ הוא האלוקים in the world through work. The idea…

13 Tammuz Hayom Yom

Class One: This class involves the reason 12-13 Tamuz is two days (again) and some stories about that time. Class Two: Two Points: 1) The Rebbe considers the arrest, imprisonment, and exile as one long event (2 perspectives: Chassidim’s and the Rebbe’s own) 2) Chassidic “culture” (explained somewhat) learning and taking lessons to heart.

12 Tamuz Hayom Yom

Class One: The Birthday of the Frieridke Rebbe. Story of his birth and his early years, until he becomes his father’s right hand man. Class Two: The day he was officially told he’s free, but to be actually freed he needed to wait until the next day because it was the day off. (Thanks to…

36. ברוך הגומל ה’תש”מ.

Yetzias Mitzrayim was forever. Going out of Galus brings out the greatest Kochos. עמו וצאן מרעיתו Being a sheep is (spiritually) higher than being a member of His people.

35. גפן ממצרים תסיע ה’תש”מ.

Class One. Elokim, Havaya in Elokim and Havaya by itself. Class Two. Mihalech, being in motion reveals the highest powers.