HaYom Yom – 11 Menachem Av (2)

Hayom Yom 11 Menachem, Class Two.Some more on Reb Hilel and Hiskashrus.The Alter Rebbe’s decision to “go into Galus”.The decision to go to Mezritch; the condition (that he would would find Niglah).His brother has to go back.The Alter Rebbe goes alone.Messages from the Ba’al Shem Tov.

HaYom Yom – 11 Menachem Av (1)

Hayom Yom 11 Menachem, Class One.The Alter Rebbe meets the Maggid; we’ll get to it later on IYH.Reb Hilel Paritcher, in conjunction with his Yahrtzait.This is not (at all) in the entry of the Hayom Yom, but this is a good excuse to talk about a great Chossid, He was a giant and a Mikushar,…

Hayom Yom – 11 Tamuz

The Tanya was printed in stages. The אגרת התשובה appeared in the very second edition of the Tanya but in the earlier draft (מהדורא קמא). The final draft of this letter wouldn’t appear until almost ten years later.

Hayom Yom – 11 Sivan

Chassidus even has a way of service for (spiritually) resurrecting the dead. Possible explanations for spiritual Resurrection: Teshuva from very very far away. The mind which is cold and dead was made alive in Chassidus.

Hayom Yom – 11 Adar II

About Halacha:Chassidus teaches two things: a) To understand the shoresh or the pnimius of each halacha and b) to apply each halacha to us personally. There are three levels of Halacha 1) those that are clearly elucidated in the Chumash itself 2) Halachas that are “Hanging by a Hair” 3) Those that are flying in the air. But they are all found in Torah.