Likutei Sichos vol. 17 page 71 ff. classes

The three names of Pesach, one theme three stages.

The three names of Pesach, one theme three stages.

The birth of the Jews requires the similar three steps: 1) Bittul but not to break them, 2) Renewal in the new identity, 3) Leaping to infinite levels, (with joy) because Judaism really is an infinity. The idea of not breaking is explained with the comment made by the Tzemach Tzedek on the story of the Alter Rebbe and the lid of the snuff box, he used to keep his Tefillin in the right place. Page 74-7.

Every relationship needs to have three steps or stages in order to be effective and sustainable. However, all the three steps, follow the introduction to the relationship which is the creating of the bond. Love, a joke etc. This attraction is not the terms of the relationship but the basis for it. Afterwards in the actual relationship there are three steps: 1) Bitul, 2) Receiving, 3) Growing (leaping). Page 72-4.

The three names of Pesach represent the single essence of Pesach: the birth of the Jewish nation. This is an essnece with three steps. These three steps are represented by the three names of Pesach and in the order that they appeared 1) Matzos (Torah SheBiksav) 2) Chairus (Siddur), Pesach (Chazal). Page 71-2.


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