Likutei Sichos vol. 35 page 192 ff. classes

Silence during Prayer; three opinions, three approaches.

The Davening when Moshiach comes will be 1) total bittul, 2) which will take over the form of the body (also) and allow for Davening to be out loud. Page 197.

Why when Moshiach comes will Davening be out loud even according to Nigla DiTorah. To have Bittul in all aspects of the person. Page 196-7.

Back to the Zohar that holds that Davening should be (in effect) silent altogether, because in Atzilus, that is all that Davening is: Connecting to Hashem. Page 195-6.

The third opinion, the Bais Yosaif: Davening is primarily about Kavana. A summary (and review in the text) of the three opinions about why we whisper in Davening. Page 195.

Three different reasons for why to Daven silently: 1) To show faith in Hashem (He can hear even a whisper) 2) Out of fear and respect one can simply not raise his voice. 3) To facilitate a deep kavana requires quiescence. Page 194-5.

The issue of the three opinions is what is the most important aspect of Davening? Asking for things or Kavana? The three views are 1) Asking for things and the whispering is for secondary reasons, 2) Asking for things but the the whispering is needed for the Davening itself, 3) Kavana and that requires quiescence. Page 193-4.

Not Davening loud for the sake of kavana. Three ways of saying the same thing: 1) You're not allowed to Daven loud, 2) You don't need to Daven loud, 3) Daven in a whisper. They are actually saying three different things. Page 192-3.

Chana was the first to introduce the idea of davening quietly, as she saw the need to prioritize the Kavana. The story of the Husyatener Rebbe has various versions. What I related is the version I heard from Rabbi Feder; from Rabbi N. T. I heard that it was the kever of the Orach Chayim and that many people had joined together in Prayer (after undertaking to build Mikvaos all over Eretz Yisroel) and the Prayer lasted about two hours, not twenty four as I indicated. Page 192.

Introduction to the Sicha about silent prayer (or: praying in silence) which Chana introduced. There will be three opinions and ideas about this.


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