Likutei Sichos vol. 35 page 125 ff. classes

The two days in Yiddishkiet are both represented in Davening.

Conclusion, both orders of the day in Davening. The Kavana brings the proper saying of the words. Page 129-30.

Missing (sorry!).

Darkness that is the abscence of light vs. darkness that is higher than light explain the two orders of the day. Page 128-9.

The Cheftza (noun) of Prayer is to ask for your needs, but the gavra (action) of Prayer is to give Hashem your heart Page 127-8.

Answer. There are both aspects, nature and holiness and accordingly the two aforementioned orders. Page 126-7.

The beginning of the Sicha, two orders exist for a Davening day 1) Morning, Noon, Night; 2) Night Morning, Afternoon. How can these two be reconciled? Page 125-6.

The RaMbaM and the tw P'sukim that explain the two aspects of Tefilla. Page 127-8.

Introduction to the Sicha. We start in the middle with the RaMbaM's two P'sukim, why he brings them and in the order he brings them in. Page 127.


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