LikuteiSichos vol. 39 p. 43 ff. The Siddur. classes

Understanding the design of the alter Rebbe's Siddur it was written for everyone, but it is Kabbalistic.

The Alter Rebbe's Siddur the thirteenth gate. Likutei Sichos vol. 4 Page 1148-9. The thirteenth gate in Torah and in Siddur above the twelve specific gates. There needs to be variety but the essence is one. Nowadays we all use the thirteenth gate.

The final answer is that just as every day we do one Kabbalah act on our level, the same (on a higher level) we do once a year in preparing for Tekiyos. Another idea is that the preparation meant here is 'Kabbalas ol klali' and there is simply nothing to say about that idea. It is beyond any form or detail. Page 47-8.

Leshaim Yichud each day is the little Kabbalah that each one must do to be included in the (entire) world of Kabbalah as given to us in the Alter Rebbe's nusach. Page 46-7.

Leshaim Yichud: the Noda BiYehuda and the Alter Rebbe, what do we hold? Page 46.

The refutation of the second answer, if T'kiyos Shofar requires emotion, then the RaMbaM would have put the passion in the laws of Shofar not T'shuva. We move on to the final answer and we go back to the kabala. The L'shaim Yichud issue (introduction). Page 45-6.

The second answer (after refuting the first) is that the preparation is personal and therefore cannot be described by the Alter Rebbe (beyond saying to prepare yourself) as it is altogether individual. Page 45.

Reb Avrohom Dovid Lavut in Shaar HaKolel, sees the two points as one, that the preparation for Shofar is the recitation of Psalm 47. The Rebbe actually supports his grandfathers idea and explains it, (but he will argue soon). Page 44-5.

Inside se'if 1. Question why say 'yachin es atzmo' (ready yourself through mystical meditation) and not tell us how to do it? Page 43-4.

Introduction to Sicha on the Alter Rebbe's Siddur using the example of Tekias Shofar.


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