Likutei Sichos vol. 22 p. 138 ff. classes

Talmidei Rav Akiva and their test and death.

Connecting This to 18 Iyar and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochaii. 141-2.

Ratzoi ViShov and it's incredible peace. Page 140.


How love being too passionate can cause it to go bad. [Page 140].

Answer: It was Rabbi Akiva's own teachings that got them into the (lack of respect) trouble they got into. They followed his lead of Mesiras Nefesh that translated into a zealousness and intolerant passion. Page 138-40.

The answer begins.What is a Yahrtzeit? It is to a lifetime what Shabbos is to a week and Yom Kippur to a year- a day of culmination. Page 138.

So what happened on Lag BaOmer, how to reconcile opposites (life and death) as both being the reasons to celebrate this day? Page 138.


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