Likutei Sichos vol. 7 page 48 ff. Pesach on Shabbos. classes

Pesach on Shabbos. Since Shabbos doesn't replace Pesach's light, one simply won't carry on Shabbos!

Conclusion. The faith quality of the Rebbe's argument is something that challenges us to contemplate faith and aspire to achieve it. Page 52-3.

The beginning of the answer inside. Hashem is unity and in his world there cannot be any conflict with His will. In other words, if Hashem rules this world He wouldn't allow there to anything contrary to His interest, and there is not. This is a faith argument, we must believe that the world is His to such an extent. On Rosh Hashana etc. since they don't need Shofar etc. on Shabbos there's a risk that you may carry. Since Pesach needs to be (a Seder) even on Shabbos so it must be that you won't carry. Page 51-2.

An oral lecture as preparation to reading the text (tomorrow). The mystical reason is the real reason why we no longer blow Shofar, Shake a Lulav (and read the Megilla) on Shabbos because Shabbos (spiritually) takes the Mitzvah's place, but that is not the case with Pesach and the Seder. [Page 51].

Two answers and what is wrong with them. 1) On Pesach Rabbis came to people's homes, but there were those the Rabbis didn't know about because they were ashamed to admit they didn't know what to do. Moreover if this is a law it should be written (some place and by some body). 2) On the other occasions (Shofar, Lulav) one can learn the parallel ideas in Torah in lieu of the Mitzva, which can't be done Pesach which is an obligation on woman (who are Potur from Torah study) also. Moreover, if this was the reason, the Torah should tell us such huge chidushim more explicitly. Page 48-51.

Introduction, when Yomim Tovim fall on Shabbos the ChaZal sometimes invoke "Gezeira DiRabba" being mivatel a Mitzva min haTorh (bishev vial ta'ase') in disallowing certain actions, to prevent mistakes (carrying). Yet on Pesach we don't find this concern and bittul of the Seder- why? Page 48.


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