Likutei sichos vol. 30 p. 103 ff. classes

Yitzchok, the son of Avrohom, Avrohom gave birth to Yitzchok. How different were they really?

Gevura in kabbala (in its source) is an intense Chesed. Page 108-9.

G-dly Gevuros are kinder than kindness! Page 108.

Yitzchok's successes reflect the KIRUV that came from his Bittul. Introduction to mystical idea: the Avos were a Merkava and their nature wasn't natural but a Merkava as well. Page 107-8.

The Yirah of Yitzchok creates the framework for the infinite joy, laughter etc. Page 106-7.

Bitul that precedes Ahava makes the love (and joy) that follows infinite. Page 105-6.

Introduction to second answer: what are Love (closeness) and yera (distance). This Shiur is missing a few minutes. We are sorry about it. Page 105.

First answer: The Chesed of Yitzchok was secondary and part of being whole and not polar. Page 104-5.

All the aspects of Chesed in Yitzchok's life must mean that he had a real association with that Mida also. page 103-4.

Introduction: Why we have 3 Avos: Torah is balance. No polarity as is usually the case in man-made systems of law.


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