Likutei Sichos vol. 15 p. 75 ff. classes

Why the life and times of Avrohom (and the Avos in general) is relevant to us.Given at Machon Chana in 5771 (2010).

Conclusion. Story of the Tzemach Tzedek is it or is it not a good idea to accept a blessing from the Alter Rebbe for success in Torah?

The event that allows for limited beings to experience the infinite is the exile in Egypt.

The model of divine creation warrants to reveal limited light first. Eventually the highest light can actually be revealed to the world!

Children and G-d continued.

When teaching children about G-D and they encounter all the anthropomorphism s in the torah how can they possibly get it right?

1. Conclusion of the lesson we must all make Yiddishkeit personal to us. 2. Introduction to next topic: Chinuch.

The lesson: each person must ("climb the mountain from the bottom") personalize yiddishkeit in addition to doing the truth we were born into.

Explanation of above. Mattan Torah gives access to the absolute truth with it's advantages and challanges.

Personal vs. "organized" Yiddishkeit. Each has different strengths. Personal Yiddishkeit is (of course) personal, Organized Yiddishkeit is bigger than you and doesn't allow you to create your own rules.

The same question applies to (why) the story of Yetzias mitzrayim (the exodus) is written in the Torah?

Ramban's proposal perhaps Breishis is "a sign for the children" for prophecy. Refutation of above.

The issue of "Ain limadin milifnei Mattan Torah"- We don't learn any of the Mitzvos from what is recorded prior to the point (in the Chumash) of The Giving of the Torah.

Question in the text.

Introduction. The entire Torah is to the Yidden and the post Mattan Torah Torah.


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